Leasing & Disposition

Retail Southwest Development has spent nearly two decades building relationships with numerous national and regional retail and restaurant tenants who can fill your shopping centers and pad sites. These relationships are invaluable when it comes to the leasing phase of any project and can allow you to rest-assured that your final project will not go unfilled. We have also created many long-term relationships with local and regional real estate brokers and can jointly develop a winning leasing strategy that takes into consideration the “big picture” of what is the highest and best use for your property.

In the business of real estate, it can be important to a successful portfolio to know when the time comes to sell. Our vertically integrated team that can help analyze the decision to sell, when to do so, and will even help you to dispose of your real estate assets in a way that secures the proper value for your commercial project.

Leasing and Disposition services include:

  • Access to RSW’s client-base of national and regional tenants
  • Tenant and broker relations and lease acquisition
  • Lease negotiation, drafting and review by in-house legal counsel
  • Value and timing analysis for property disposition