Entitlements & Design

Here at Retail Southwest Development, we are highly specialized in the field of land use approvals (“Entitlements”) at all levels. From city planning and zoning commissions to city and county commissions, we have in-house legal counsel with years of experience handling governmental hearings of all varieties. Even the greatest project can fail to get off the ground without the skills and expertise to secure the land use entitlements necessary to establish your commercial real estate development project.

Our goal at Retail Southwest Development is to co-create with you a design that resonates with and draws in the locale audience while maintaining the authenticity and appeal of your brand’s experience. We know how important a thoughtful and meaningful architectural design and site plan layout is when creating a well-functioning development after the construction is over. We are here to guide you through all of those details.

Entitlements and Design services include:

  • Site design and site plan approvals
  • Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Preliminary and Final Plat Application
  • Variance Requests and Special Use Permitting
  • Public Hearings and Commission Advocacy